Our purpose is to provide the very best tactical training and protective equipment to our clients

Prior to founding of Mantis Global 2017, Joey Lewis helped in the startup a local security business in Oklahoma City of 2016; as well as, help write and conduct firearms training courses with ARG. Joey works as a contractor for Homeland Security for over two years and has learned that it is the citizens responsibility to seek proper firearms training. From 2004 – 2008 Joey severed in the United States Marines with the Anti-Terrorism Battalion in Camp Lejeune. In 2007, Joey deployed to Camp Ashraf, Iraq in the Diyala province. While in the Marines, Joey attended many courses from marksmanship programs, CQB (close quarters battle) and MOUT (military Operations in Urban Terrain) just to name a few.  Joey came out of the Marines with a strong mindset, great teamwork skills, leadership, and a tenacity to win at whatever he does.

I started this business because I see a real problem in how firearms training was being conducted in my local area. At Mantis, we think it is every persons right to not be a victim. We have opened our community to every person gay, female or male. Because every person needs to understand that the only person that can protect you, is you!

Our devotion is the reason our clients choose us over the competition. That devotion allows us accomplish results that others competitors cannot. We are simply more committed and selfless for our clients, and this allows us to dedicate all of our strength and passion to achieve the best results every time. Our clients know that there isn’t a difficult or daunting task, we aren’t ready to conquer to see their success. This is the Mantis mission!

Steven Scoggins  Severed in the United States Marine Corps from 2001 – 2005 Fox co. 2/1 Amphibious Boat Raid where he was Infantry Squad Leader, Firearms / Range Coach and Imbedded Combat Trainer / Mentor Iraqi Army Elements

Combat Deployments

  • 2003 Invasion of Iraq, 15th MEU (SOC) – Um Qasr and An Nasiriyah
  • 2004 Fallujah, 1st MEF Fox Co. 2/1

Execution Protection 2005 – 2006 – Gavin De Becker & Assoc. – Los Angeles, CA

High Threat Protection 2006-2019

Blackwater USA – Baghdad, Iraq 2006-2009

Academi/ IDS – Kabul, Afghanistan 2010 – 2011

Academi / IDS Mazar -I Sharif 2010 – 2014

IDS/ Triple Canopy – Kabul Afghanistan 2016- 2019