• Safety brief
  • Principals of gear set-up
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • tactical / combat reloads
  • malfunction drills

Duration of the class: All day – you can leave whenever you want. Start time can be either 8 or 9. The class goes till dark.

Round Count: 400 rounds

Our Introduction to Firearms for The LBGTQ community is designed to change the way view and approach your environment. This class was put together to increase the odds of you not becoming a victim to crime, to build better situational awareness, and to have a better understanding of how firearms function. When leaving this course, you will feel and will be comfortable handling, carrying, and shooting a firearm. Shooters do not need to have any firearms experience to participate in this class.

This course will be relaxed, stress free, and a fun & energetic atmosphere on how firearms function, how to handle them, load and unload them, and shoot them with accuracy.

Breakdown of this class:

20% lecture. (no one likes death by power point) We will go over how to disassemble and reassemble the firearm, learn the parts, and learn to clean and lube the weapon.

30% dry fire – no bullets! We teach you to understand how the weapon works, how to grip it, how to aim it, how to stand with it, how to control the trigger to allow you to put shots where you want to put shots, and how to carry it, etc.

50% Live Fire on the range: We put most of our time in the live fire portion of the class because most learning comes from DOING! We allow you to shoot until you’re done. When you’re done, we’re done. We will stay until dark if you want us to. We are there to serve you!

This is NOT a concealed carry class. You will not get any certificate allowing you to get your carry-concealed license. What you will take from this class is an education and the ability to go pass that course with ease! NOTE: The concealed carry course primary function is to teach you the laws and liabilities of carrying a firearm. The concealed carry course DOES NOT GO INTO DEPTH on firearm fundamentals. Carrying a firearm is your right as Americans, and it is also your duty and responsibility to seek training to maintain high levels of proficiency. After the class if you don’t have concealed carry license, we can set you up with a trusted company that we work with.

This course has been proven to benefit both the beginner and experienced shooter. Ladies this course was designed just for you. There’s no yelling, no pressure, and no demeaning and arrogant firearms instructors talking down to you. The bonus you take away from this class is: You will gain camaraderie, self-confidence and leave feeling empowered!

Situational awareness in public.

How to carry yourself in public.

What NOT to do when you are in public.

What bad guys do to give them away.

What to do if your family is present.

What to do if you are being followed.

Advantages and disadvantages of revolvers

Advantages and disadvantages of the semi-automatic

Safe storage

Gun safety


Which type pistol will work best for you! Revolver or Semi-auto

Proper fundamentals of shooting

Weapon manipulation


Required equipment:


Back up pistol (optional)

Ammo for whatever caliber pistol you shoot. (call if you need any help) 400 rounds

3 magazines

Belt, holster and magazine pouches

Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred)

Cleaning gear

A chair to sit on

Notebook for taking notes

Hydration source


Sun Screen

Hat (optional)